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Brand Messaging  

Do you have a hard time describing what you do? Do you offer a variety of services and don’t know how to weave them together? If you aren’t attracting the type of clients you really want to work with, brand messaging just might be the ticket to help you break through.

A clear and consistent brand message– on your website or in your elevator speech– will position you as a professional, trustworthy and credible practitioner who your colleagues are excited to refer to, and ideal clients can’t wait to work with.

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Logo Design

Custom designed logo that tells the story of your business. That’s what a logo is meant to do.

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Website Design

Custom designed website that represents your practice authentically and professionally. Mobile-friendly, optimized for SEO, created in WordPress. We also offer copywriting –  we understand what type of information wellness clients are looking for, and write engaging website content that attracts the type of clients who’ll most benefit from working with you. Price varies by scope of project. Payment plans available. 

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Copywriting & Content Development

Content development, copywriting & editing for your website, blog posts or marketing materials. Targeted to reach your ideal clients. Organized to make your message easily understandable and accessible. Price depends on scope of project.

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Additional Services:

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Marketing Audit

Would you like to spend less time struggling and more time doing the work you love? Need a simple, realistic marketing roadmap to get you where you want to go? Our Marketing Audit does just that.

When you market yourself in the right ways, you’ll start attracting new clients who appreciate your value and are willing to pay for your services, now and in the long-term. The Marketing Audit includes a comprehensive assessment of your past and current marketing, complete with customized, realistic recommendations on how you can most effectively and efficiently market your business. We’ll show you what you’re doing right, where you can improve and offer new ideas on where & how you can market yourself for greatest impact.  

The Marketing Audit consists of an intake session, online questionnaire, written marketing recommendations tailored to the needs of your business, and a 30-minute Audit recap/ follow-up call.

To determine if our Marketing Audit is the best fit for your needs, contact us to schedule a 30-minute complimentary strategy session.

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Brainstorming Consult 

Would you like to pick our brains about marketing? Do you have some ideas that you’d like to get feedback on, or want to simply know if you’re headed in the right direction? Brainstorming sessions give you a chance to get realistic, honest answers to your burning marketing questions. Includes a one-hour phone or Zoom consultation, plus research and follow-up.

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Ideal Client Identification 

Your ideal client is not “everyone.” They’re the people you’re uniquely fit to serve who will benefit the most from working with you. That doesn’t mean they’re the only type of clients you can work with. But it does mean they’re the core clients who your marketing message should be targeted to.

In the Ideal Client Identification consult, together we’ll develop a clear picture of your 1-2 ideal clients so you can start attracting more of them to your practice. This process consists of a 60-minute phone or Zoom meeting, plus a follow-up summary of your ideal client and their needs, and suggestions on how you can best reach them. Sound valuable? Schedule your Ideal Client ID consult today.

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Impactful Elevator Speech Consult

Whether in a networking situation or general conversation, an impactful elevator speech will make you memorable. Learn how to explain who you are in a succinct, powerful way that attracts more of your ideal clients and more quality referrals. This consult includes a 1-hr phone or Zoom meeting, plus a worksheet that we’ll complete together as we create strong elevator speeches you can use right away on your website, for networking and speaking events, on LinkedIn and in your marketing materials.

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Marketing Education

Marketing can actually make sense if you have the right teacher. My team and I specialize in translating complex concepts into simple, accessible language so you can easily put these tools to work in your practice. Join us at our monthly Seattle area MeetUp, at an upcoming speaking event, or hire Diana to speak to your group, organization or association.

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