We’ve all set goals and reached some, and not others. Why is it that some goals are easier to pursue and achieve? Maybe it’s the way we think about them.

For example, you set a general goal to be healthier. More specifically, you want to lose weight. You set a definite number goal of how much weight you want to release. Now ask yourself, besides the actual number, what do you want to gain by losing that weight? Do you want to have more energy, improved mobility, to breathe easier, to sleep better, to reverse or improve your Diabetes?

Define the benefits that your goal (losing weight) would bring you. When you aren’t focused simply on the “number” as your goal, but instead on the benefits that number has to offer, you will have stronger, more concrete motivation for staying committed to the destination. Once you’ve reached your number, the benefits you’ll enjoy will be an incentive for you to maintain your improved state of health.

This exercise can work for any goal. Define the goal, then identify the qualities that achieving that goal would bring you. This helps you focus on the bigger picture of how individual successes contribute to improving your life as a whole. Focus on the benefits and let them be your motivation for moving forward.

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