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Do other wellness practitioners in town have websites that get more visitors than yours, but you’re not convinced you need a new one? Are you unsure what makes a ‘great’ website or where to even start? To help determine if your website needs an update and the logical next steps to take, walk through the checklist below.website redesign alternative health marketing diana khoury mobile friendly

Following are eight signs that your alternative health or wellness website needs a redesign… and soon. While not inclusive, it’s a good place to start if you’re considering an upgrade.

1. Your competitors’ websites look better than yours

From a design perspective, when was your site first created? Has it ever been updated? Are you still stuck in 2010 (I’m being generous here). Just spend a few minutes browsing the Internet and it’s very easy to see what constitutes fresh and modern design vs. tired old websites.

As consumers we are all constantly being trained and re-trained on what is “best practice” as it relates to website design and functionality and we demonstrate how drawn to these companies we are when we engage, and re-engage, with them online. Alternative health clients are no different. They are also consumers in their personal lives and are heavily influenced by what they see in other industries or online experiences. As such, their expectations of a holistic health website will be driven by those indirect influencing signals.

2. You don’t have a content strategy

The content of your website is not client- or prospect-focused. If your content only addresses what you do, and not how your services solve your clients problems, you’re limiting your potential to convert site visitors to actual clients.

3. Client engagement is low

There is little or no content marketing or social media integration on the site to drive engagement by clients and prospects. How and where are you creating a conversation with your client base?

4. Your branding is inconsistent

Your brand has changed over time, or heaven forbid, has been inconsistent with your offline brand for quite some time, and it’s time to bring them back into alignment. The top healthcare websites exhibit consistency between their online and offline brand, so customers know what to expect at every point of contact.

In today’s marketplace your website is a key component of your overall brand and marketing strategy, and to treat it as any less is a waste of a tool in your toolbox. In fact, to prospects it’s probably their first introduction to your company and your expertise. What is it they say about first impressions?

5. Your website is not mobile-friendly

If your company’s website is not responsive or mobile friendly and is using old technology to render the pages. Not only does it look bad on mobile devices and tablets but it has upset Google enough by its lack of mobile functionality that your website rankings are sinking fast into obscurity. (Note: If you’re still using Flash on your site call 911 now. You know who you are…or maybe not!).

6. Competitors rank higher in Google

… and Bing,  and Yahoo. In other words, the SEO on your website is less than optimal, if not a total disaster. Your company and its practitioners are ranking (if at all) well below your competitors on Google. Remember the old Internet saying, “the best place to hide a dead body… [is on] page 2 of Google’s search results.”

7. Your website toolbox is limited

Younger workers in your company (or other practitioners younger than you) may want to do more with their website as part of their business development efforts, e.g. blogs, videos, webinars, social media, event registration, distribute content to prospects and clients, so as to better demonstrate their expertise and skills. Are you using any of these tools? Do you know how?

8. Your site is not a “Sales” channel

Your website is essentially a brochureware site that does not generate any track-able leads or referrals, or engage clients and prospects in any meaningful conversations which can be ultimately converted to “real world” dialogues and new business. What could be one of your best business development tools is no more than a static phone directory.

website redesign seo mobile optimization content alternative health marketing diana khoury

So, to review our checklist, if:

  • Your competitors’ websites look better than yours
  • You don’t have a content strategy
  • Client engagement is low
  • Your branding is inconsistent
  • Your website is not mobile-friendly
  • Competitors rank higher in search engines
  • Your website toolbox is limited
  • Your site is not a “sales” channel

…(if you answered 2 or more) then your site needs some work. If most, or all, of them resonate, you definitely need a new website. Contact me for a website quote, or schedule a Marketing Audit today to learn the most efficient and effective ways for you to grow your client base and increase your income.

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Adapted with permission from an original article by Rob Foley at f squared marketing.

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