alternative health marketing your practice for alternative health providers and wellness coaches who need to attract more clientsAlternative Health Marketing’s mission is to increase participation in alternative healthcare by educating practitioners and the public, making authentic connections, and creating transformative healthcare experiences.

I believe that together, we can bring more people to healing. If you’re in alignment with this mission, I’d love to work with you.


Lifelong Learning

A portion of our profits are donated to organizations that support the health of our community & the planet, including:

alternative health marketing donates a portion of our profits to Yoga Behind Bars to improve the health of our community

alternative health marketing donates a portion of our profits to help the pain relief project

alternative health marketing gives back to support insulin for life and supplies for patients in natural disasters

alternative health marketing aligns with the values of conservation northwest including sustainability support community connection to the earth and our planet

crop trust logo is one of the organizations we support with a percentage of our profits

seattle tilth logo a recipient of the alternative health marketing give back campaign

About Diana Khoury, Communications Director & Brand Strategist

It’s my personal mission to make an impact by helping brilliant healers claim and shine their light– so that together, we can bring more people to healing.

diana khoury alternative health marketing guru and pacific northwest nativeI’m a native of the Seattle area, and love living in the Pacific Northwest, with its beautiful landscapes and focus on a healthy lifestyle. I’m passionate about wellness and truly believe it is possible to create the kind of health and happiness you desire. A little bit about me…

I describe myself as a marketer, writer, editor, designer, artist, yogi, wife, mother and overall creative and enthusiastic human being. After college, I worked in corporate marketing for 10 years, then as an alternative health practitioner for the next 10 while raising my kids.

In addition to my own practice, I’ve served as a business and marketing consultant for other holistic practitioners, streamlining their operations and teaching them how to find and attract new customers to grow their client base and increase their monthly cash flow.

I founded Alternative Health Marketing to help holistic and integrative health practitioners create long-term health for their business through effective marketing that (re)connects them with their authentic purpose, distills their zone of genius, and attracts more of their ideal clients.

I love combining my expertise at the intersection of marketing and alternative health to help wellness business owners succeed while serving others and doing good work in the world.

If credentials are important to you, here are mine:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Gonzaga University
  • International Business Certificate, University of Washington
  • Reflexology Mastery Certificate, Seattle Reflexology & Massage Center
  • National Foot Reflexology Certification, ARCB
  • WA State Reflexology Certification RF#60404390
  • Former Board Member, Washington Reflexology Association
  • Ordained Minister, Universal Life Church
  • Holistic Life Coach Certification, Spencer Institute
  • Reiki I Attunement, Northwest Reiki Center
  • Reiki I/II Attunement, Reiki for Living
  • SEO training, Yoast.com
  • Killer Marketing, Breakthrough PT Marketing

Let’s connect:

I’m not accepting new projects at this time. If you’re looking for a marketing person who understands your business and can create an impactful website and marketing tools to help you attract the kind of clients you really want to work with, I highly recommend you connect with Miguel at Banyan Studio or Lacey at Highly Anticipated.

I wish you much health and success in your business,


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