Breath is essential to life, and breathing properly is essential to good health.

Stress causes breath to become shallow, changing normal breathing patterns. This shallow, upper chest breathing significantly increases the amount of carbon dioxide exhaled by the body, and literally changes the body’s chemistry.  The result is a domino effect of abnormal structural and physiological symptoms. For example: the breath shortens, causing blood vessels to constrict, restricting circulation, fatigue develops, motor control decreases, balance becomes impaired, neck, shoulder and diaphragm muscles tighten, prompting irritable bowel syndrome, bladder or pelvic issues, and on and on…

Prolonged stress locks in this abnormal breathing pattern, affecting the body structurally, physically, and physiologically. Over time, dysfunctional breathing becomes a cycle, making it hard for the body to revert back to its normal function without assistance.

Reflexology may help interrupt this pattern, by addressing the causes and symptoms of dysfunctional breathing.  Reflexology may help the client to resume normal, functional breathing, while offering benefits such as stress reduction, release of muscle tension, improved circulation and digestion, and increased feelings of well-being.

One of my clients recently stated, “I sing in two choirs. Reflexology has helped me improve my breathing and has given me more confidence in myself.”

If you experience shortness of breath, fatigue, digestion problems, or any of the symptoms mentioned above, contact me today to set up an appointment, and make Reflexology an important part of your wellness plan.

Resource: “Understanding Breathing,” by Leon Chaitow. Massage & Bodywork, June/July 2007, pages 28-40.

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