A large number of foot spas have opened up recently around the Northwest, offering reflexology for dirt cheap. To our dismay, the Washington Reflexology Association (WRA) has learned that some of these foot spas are actually a front for human trafficking, prostitution and indentured servitude (modern day slavery).

In addition, some spas are not properly licensed for the type of work they are performing (if the practitioner touches anywhere outside the hands/feet/ears, a massage license is required). Although not all foot spas are questionable, it is important to know that what is represented as legitimate reflexology is in some cases a front for illegal activity.

cheap foot spas are not what they seem to be funding indentured servitude human trafficking modern day slavery

WRA is actively working with the State Department of Health and legislators in Olympia to address/ stem the problems posed by illicit foot spas.

Questionable practices done in the name of reflexology dilute the credibility of our profession. If you receive any type of bodywork, it is your right as a client to ask (and be shown) the credentials of the practitioner that will be working on you.

If they are unable to produce these documents, you have the right to refuse the service. Any suspicious or inappropriate activity should be reported to the Washington State Department of Health.

WRA maintains a list of credentialed and nationally-certified reflexologists on their website, www.washingtonreflexology.org. Please refer to this list to find a professional, certified reflexologist in your area.

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