As part of my journey as a Life Coach, I’ve been reading the book Wellness Coaching for Lasting Lifestyle Change by Michael Arloski, PhD. In the first chapter, I came across a concept that inspires me: working from your center. Arloski explains that, in martial arts, all movement must come from a place of conscious center in order to be effective. This process works as follows: find your center, and from that place, act intentionally and with conscious motion.

That got me thinking, what would it be like to live our lives this way? Arloski says, “By exploring what it means for each of us to be centered in our lives we discover what allows us to feel safe enough to grow and move forward towards self-actualization and high-level wellness.” For me, that place of centering happens on my yoga mat. Over the past 14 years of practicing, yoga has not only given me a physical awareness of how my body moves, but I’ve discovered direct parallels between my physical state and how I move about in the world. Where I am limited (or limit myself) in my body’s movements, I limit myself in my mind. When I open up to the possibility of moving my body in a new way, corners of my mind open up to move in new ways also. This process often requires a recalibration of my center, taking into consideration the fresh new sprouts of growth. But the grounding I receive on my mat keeps me balanced and anticipates and allows the possibility of further, continued sprouts of growth.

The good Doctor also states that “much of our most significant growth comes from… venturing out into the unknown,” which involves “finding that uncomfortable edge where growth really happens.” So I invite you to ask yourself, where is your center? If you don’t know, reflect inward and see what you encounter. Don’t be afraid of what you may find. Be open, don’t judge, just observe. Ponder which people or things in your life make you feel grounded, and which do not. If you know where your center is, the place where you feel grounded and safe, you’ll have a strong foundation from which to move outward and to consciously create the things you want in your life. Once you find that safe place, give yourself permission to explore, with conscious intention, to discover and embrace new aspects of your potential.

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