How’s your circulation? Poor or constricted circulation may be the result of tight muscles or of a medical condition such as Diabetes. When a muscle area tightens up, blood and oxygen flow become restricted to that area of the body. The resulting pain or tension in your neck, shoulders, low back, feet, or another part of the body means your circulation is working at below its optimal levels.

Never fear, Reflexology is here! One of Reflexology’s primary benefits is improved circulation. Other benefits include pain and stress relief, relaxation of the nervous system, revitalized energy, cleansing of toxins and balancing of the body’s systems.

Lack of circulation in the body is directly reflected in the feet. When specific reflex points are focused on during a session, tension in the corresponding body area(s) dissipates and optimal, balanced circulation is restored. As a result, the circulation in your feet is greatly improved, and the integrity of the body’s entire circulatory system is restored. 

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