It’s only the 10th, and so far April has been an intense month. I’ve had two special people from my life die over the past week. One was 19 years old, the other in her 70s. My heart is saddened by their passing.

These deaths have caused me to reflect deeply on my life – what am I doing, how am I living, where am I focusing my energy? The clearest message I’ve received is the importance of living in the present. Today is all you have. Of course I’ve heard that one before, many times. I make it the intention of my weekly yoga practice. I said intention, not result. Actually achieving it is another thing entirely.

So how does one live in the present? The first step is gratitude. My husband is a pro at this, and he can manifest things like nobody’s business. Giving thanks every day, every moment, for all of the gifts in our lives is a powerful practice. Gratitude opens the door to more beautiful things in our lives. I once saw a sign that said, “If you’re not grateful for what you have, how can you be happy with more?” So true. At the end of your day (or even throughout your day), make a note of the special things in your life that you feel grateful for. Write them down, and revisit them often.

Great, now what’s the second step? Don’t know… I’m still on the first step. But I must say, in large and small ways, acknowledging the things I do have around me is bringing me a much-needed sense of peace during this challenging time.


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