It is easy to think, “when I eat better or lose weight or [fill in the blank], I will be healthy.” As a health practitioner for the past 9 years, I’ve come to realize that health is a process, not a destination.

When we’re focused on wellness, we set goals related to health – lose 10 lbs., stop eating sweets, exercise, etc. But once we reach that goal, the process doesn’t end. We don’t simply get to a point where we’re perfectly healthy and then we’re “done.” The air we breathe, all of the food, thoughts, emotions and energy that pass through us every day contribute to our overall state of health, for better or worse.

Getting well and staying well is an ongoing process. Compare it to doing laundry. You gather all the dirty clothes in a basket, then wash and fold them, only to realize that the clothes you’re wearing are dirty, so the process is continuous.

It’s the same with health and well-being. Every day, every week, you make an effort to eat better, go to exercise class, get more sleep, etc. The work must be regular and consistent to have a positive effect, and ongoing to maintain its cumulative benefits. We make strides to improve health, then every day, we leave the house and once again encounter the usual things that cause us stress, necessitating the need to do it all over again.

Making a commitment to your health is a positive move. Setting and achieving goals supports that commitment. But good health is not just an end to be achieved, but a milestone in the process to continued health.

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