The feet serve as a sensory organ for the body, continuously interpreting and responding to both internal and external stimuli. The body’s internal stress level is always reflected in the feet. At the same time, the feet are constantly adapting to the demands of the outside world.

Internally, stress distorts the ongoing messages that the brain sends to the nervous system and internal organs. Reflexology interrupts these distorted messages and ‘resets’ the communication from the brain, reducing stress and normalizing the body’s internal functions.

Externally, “the foot reflects the body’s response to the stresses of gravity and movement.” According to international reflexology authors Kevin and Barbara Kunz, reflexology provides “a variety of sensory experiences and demands which interrupt the patterns of stress created by walking.”

Therefore, reflexology works to hamper the internal and external effects of stress on the body, resulting in relaxation of the nervous system, increased feelings of well-being, and restoration of the body’s natural state of balance.

Resource: Kevin and Barbara Kunz, The Complete Guide to Foot Reflexology (Revised), 1993.

Click here to view an interactive reflexology foot map.

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