by Lorena Klingel of Learn to Flourish

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In video communication we can change the delivery of a message by using different styles, images and audio elements.

Have you ever seen or heard the exact same message communicated in two completely different ways?

Did this impact how you felt about the message?

There are a number of different styles of video being used for communication, team training, social media and marketing today.

Explore Different Video Styles

When creating a video, how do you decide which type of video is best for you right now?

See some examples of different video styles »

Here are three points to consider when deciding which video style is the right approach to use.

Who are you talking to?

Consider your Audience

In a previous article we talked about the importance of knowing and understanding your audience and how this can be achieved by creating a Learner Persona. [It’s me, Diana, jumping in here~ this is what I call your Ideal Client ID.]

If the purpose of your video is to drive people to take action, determine which style of video might best resonate with your audience?

How do you want them to feel?

What is the feeling that you are trying to achieve?

Is the message that you’re delivering in the video very serious? Then perhaps an animated video with cute, silly characters is not the most appropriate.

If you want to convey a sense of fun and excitement then an animated video is a fantastic option.

How do you want them to see you?

What image are you trying to portray?

Brand image and messaging is very important to an organization. Whether you are a solopreneur with a personal brand or a nonprofit or an established company, you have likely invested in branding that tells a story and portrays how you want to be seen and known.

Does a certain video style fit with your brand story?

You tube video arrow on red with article on how to pick the right video style for your audience

The good news is that in most cases all the video styles can be used by the same brand. It’s just a matter of incorporating your brand elements into the video.

How are you using video in your organization? Is it part of your training, communication, or marketing strategy?

At Learn to Flourish we use it for all of the above and we help our clients to achieve their goals by implementing video for training, communication and marketing.

Lorena Klingel is the Founder of Learn to Flourish. She teaches organizations how to connect with and engage their customers, employees, and community using videos and eLearning. She works with entrepreneurs to create online education courses and digital learning programs that make a difference in the world.

lorena klingel of learn to flourish e-learning and video training

Current courses offered by Lorena include Video Fundamentals, and Create Your Own Marketing Videos – From Tech to Technique, which she presents through online webinars and live speaking events.

This article was republished with permission. Original post at Learn to Flourish blog.

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