Have you ever found yourself talking to someone, only to realize they weren’t even listening? How much attention do you give others when you’re in a conversation? In today’s busy world, people are commonly preoccupied and distracted. So much so that it makes it difficult to have any sort of meaningful conversation.

As babies and toddlers, we soak up our enviroments, visually, audibly, emotionally. That’s how we learn spoken language and build a foundation for navigating our world as we grow. But at some point in our development, the art of listening with full attention goes right out the window.

I’ve come to realize that listening takes practice. I mean, really listening and giving your full attention to the other person. Try it. Give yourself permission to hear and understand what the other person is saying, and what meaning you can retain from their words. Sometimes you’ll keep a wise gem and throw out the rest. Sometimes you’ll soak it all up and find yourself amazed at what you’ve learned. Listening will be difficult at first. That’s why it takes practice.  Try it and see what doors of knowledge and growth open up for you in the process.

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