by Diana Khoury

Many of us set intentions, hoping to move our lives to the next level, yet find that our dreams are never realized. Manifestation is about more than setting an intention and waiting for someone to deliver your order on a silver platter. True manifestation requires being clear with yourself about what you really want, committing to it, and putting your energy consciously behind it every day to bring it into reality.

diana khoury interview Barbara Stanny Sacred Success financial abundance manifestationHow do we move out of financial chaos once and for all to discover and embrace truly conscious abundance? The key is in our underlying beliefs about money and power, says Barbara Stanny, women’s financial empowerment coach and bestselling author of Sacred Success: A Course in Financial Miracles.

Barbara grew up in a wealthy family and was taught that a man would always take care of her in life, so she didn’t worry about providing for herself. After years of marriage to a compulsive gambler who spent her entire inheritance then skipped the country, Barbara found herself in poverty with 3 small children to provide for and no clue about money. That was her wake up call to take charge of her own life and to finally start claiming her own power.

Read the rest of the article and listen to my interview with Barbara at New Spirit Journal.

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