There is a high likelihood that you, like a large percentage of the general population, will experience some form of lower back pain during your adult life. Lower back pain can sometimes be caused by a vertebra being out of alignment (in which case, a chiropractor should be consulted). However, the type of lower back discomforts that most of us experience—tired, aching, sore lower backs—are more often than not caused by STRESS. When the effects of stress take their toll on the body, the result is pain.

Lower back pain is usually treated by Western medicine in several ways: with drugs, traction, or even surgery. Someone with chronic or acute lower back pain should check out all options, including medical treatment. However, prevention is something that puts responsibility for our health and well being where it belongs: with each of us. Allowing yourself periodic moments of rest can be of great benefit to your overall health and relaxation, including your lower back.

Reflexology may offer many benefits, including stress relief, relaxation, pain reduction, revitalized energy and improved circulation. When specific lower back reflexes are emphasized during a session, it is possible to feel relief from lower back pain and tension almost immediately. Reflexology may be extremely helpful in reversing the effects of stress and can be an important part of your stress prevention program.

Article by Diana Sergi Khoury with content contributed by Bill Flocco, Director of the American Academy of Reflexology.

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