When my friend Sheila was diagnosed with stage 2 cancer at age 38, she sought reflexology as a complement to traditional cancer treatment. She reflects, “Amidst a whirlwind of MRI scans, doctors’ appointments, chemotherapy treatments and radiation, I found an oasis in reflexology – an hour in my week of uncertainty that helped shift my focus from cancer to comfort… The benefits of reflexology have been numerous. Despite the energy-draining effects of chemotherapy, I always left my reflexology sessions energized and clear-headed. I’m convinced that it helped aid my digestion – something that had been compromised by some of the harsh chemo-related medications. And everyone marvels when I tell them that I never felt sick to my stomach – even after 16 rounds of some of the most powerful cancer-fighting agents Western medicine has to offer.”

At the end of her chemotherapy and radiation treatments, Sheila said, “Two recent MRI scans and blood tests show no sign of cancer. As [time moves forward], my doctors’ visits, scans, blood draws and check-ups will slow, and I’ll start to re-adjust to normal life again. But one part of my treatment will continue. I’ll be a reflexology client for life.”

Science is echoing what Sheila discovered during her treatment. “Results from twenty-two studies conducted in 9 countries describe the positive impact of reflexology… on symptoms experienced by cancer patients… Some would say that reflexology has currently reached the tipping point to win the confidence of oncology staff and cancer patients around the world.

Studies have been conducted in the US, UK, Italy, Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand and Australia. Research demonstrates that reflexology helps patients throughout the cancer experience: chemotherapy, post operatively, symptom management and hospice/palliative care. Improvements in symptoms are shown with lessened: pain, anxiety, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, stress, depression, foot fatigue and improved quality of life, mood, quality of sleep, morale and vital signs.” Read more…

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