goalsNow that January has arrived, you may have made resolutions for the year ahead. So how can you  follow through with them?

What do you want, and are you willing, to create for your future?

Your struggles of the past year aren’t automatically wiped away on Jan. 1, but by starting anew, you can create a road map to manifest more of the things you want in the coming year.

Since the word resolutions holds such a stigma for many, especially when it comes to follow-through, let’s talk in terms of goals instead. Here are 4 tips to help you reframe your thinking around goal setting:

1. Decide what you want your life to look like.

Personally and professionally, you have the ultimate power to create your own reality. Form a picture in your mind of what you want your life to be. Then state your intentions in the present tense and repeat the affirmation(s) daily.

  • I am debt-free.
  • I am paid well, doing work that I love with an employer/clients who value my skills.
  • I eat nourishing foods, exercise regularly and get adequate sleep.
  • I say no to toxic relationships and spend quality time with people who love and support me.

Write down your goals.  Putting actual pen to paper makes your goals more concrete and achievable. Keep your goals in a journal that you check in with daily or weekly.

2. Establish measurable steps to help you reach your goals.

Manifestation doesn’t happen by magic; it requires taking steps every day to move you in the direction of your goals. Outline the actual steps that will help you get there. A specific and measurable action plan becomes your road map for the year. Examples of such steps include:

I create and stick to a weekly budget, and no longer buy things on credit.
I define my skill set, understand my passion and actively network (online and offline) with colleagues and potential employers.
I read four books on proper nutrition and cook at home four days per week.
I make time once/week for coffee or a meal with a positive, supportive person in my life.

Don’t create too many steps or you’ll end up feeling defeated. Choose one goal and create two-three steps to support you in achieving it. Write your goal and the steps in your journal.

3. Understand the Reward.

Once your goals are set and measurable steps written down, don’t achieve them just for achievement’s sake. What will reaching your goals give you that you didn’t have before?

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