Have you ever noticed people apologizing for themselves, even when they’re not doing anything? I observe this behavior often, and it always baffles me. For example…

In the checkout line at the grocery store, a woman in front of me was having her purchases rung up. She bought quite a few things, so it was taking some time. I patiently waited my turn in line. Apologetically she turned to me and said “Oh, I’m so sorry.” Did she think her purchases were not as worthy as mine?

I have a good friend who starts every sentence with “I’m sorry…,” apologizing for not calling more often, not answering my email, not (fill_in_the_blank). Does she think I won’t understand that her life is as busy as mine?

Seriously folks, what’s up with all of the apologizing? Why do people feel the need to apologize for their very existence?

Obviously, if you have a wronged someone, “sorry” is completely appropriate. But if you are in someone’s way, a simple “Excuse me” will do. As a human being, you matter. You are important and worthy. Your time is just as important as mine. Know that what you say and do counts in the world, so acknowledge yourself. Love yourself.

Join me now in saying the eternal affirmation of SNL’s Stuart Smalley:

“I’m good enough. I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me.”

Really, you are, and they do.

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